YellowStone & The Grand Tetons

By Ola Endress

Well its pretty obvious, if you are going to visit the states and you love nature then visiting Yellow Stone is a must do! and while you are there you may as well visit the Grand Tetons because it is just as beautiful!

I suggest going to Yellowstone first followed by The Grand Tetons.

I have included some nice "secret" locations to get the best view points that no one seemed to know about which was nice.

How much time do you need in Yellowstone?
You can technically do the whole thing in one day (visit the points below as we found them to be the best features of Yellowstone) however you would be rushing from start to finish. The perfect amount of time would be 3 days in Yellowstone and then if you are going to go to the Grand Tetons, then 2 days. 
All up 5 days for both areas.

Gibbon Falls

 Norris Geyser Basin

Upper Yellowstone Falls

This is the view point where everyone else goes, theres a less known spot below

To get the best view point and have it to yourself, drive further down the road and park up. On the right hand side you will see trees, walk through the trees (be very careful as it is a very steep climb down and is very easy to slide) and get the best view!

Yellowstone Caldera

This is one of the most popular gesyer's. The colour stands out pending on the time of day you arrive (the sunnier it is the lighter it will be) we got there early so the colours didn't stand out as it usually would but we like to avoid the crowds!  I recommend looking at it from below then drive around the corner, park up and you will see a mountain trail you can climb up, 10 min walk (surprisingly not many people know about this) and get the best view from above!

Bison at Lamar Valley

You have to visit this part of the park if you come to Yellowstone. Seeing the Bison, is a memorable experience! Remember: respect the animals, don't get up in their faces, they are dangerous and can charge at any second even if they looked relaxed!
Like how I am trying to blend in with the bison? it worked well didn't it? :P

Tower Fall

This is a beautiful waterfall and you can view it from the top like everyone else or you can view it the proper & adventurous way like we did.
Make sure if you do want to see it from the below view point you bring bear spray, are wearing proper shoes and are not afraid with some light rock climbing.
I can't advertise how we got to this point so PLEASE email me, I will tell you how to get here.

Old Faithful

So this geyser is pretty cool because it is a highly active geothermal.
It erupts every day between 44-125 minutes. It puts on quite a show, so if you have the time then its worth while checking it out!

Drive around the park!

It is possible to do yellowstone in an entire day and if you have time go for a drive around the national park, it is beautiful and you will surely run into a few different species of animals. If you love animal photography this is definitely the spot for you!
Make sure you also visit the town just outside the National Park! its very lively and buzzy offering you lots of restaurants to try out, a few bars and plenty of shopping opportunities!

Grand Tetons & Jackson Hole

If you come to the Grand Tetons you are also going to love Jackson Hole ! Which is the main town just outside the National Park. Celebrities flock to Jackson Hole throughout the year and once you come here you will understand why! COOLEST town! so much to experience, so much to do and so much to see! This town takes first place with all the towns I've been to so far. I wonder if another place on my US journey will replace this number one spot, only time will tell!

Grand Teton Park Road

As you drive through the Tetons you feel so tiny compared to these magnificent mountain ranges. Some of them still covered in snow even though we visited in the peak of summer. You can do the entire Grand Tetons in one day easily but give yourself a couple of days to experience Jackson Hole!

Oxbow Bend

Jenny Lake

Relax and have lunch with a beautiful view

Chape of Sacred Heart Lake

You can go for a dip anywhere! if you want to escape the crowds then take a short drive to the lake next to Sacred Heart Chapel.

Jackson Hole

There is so much to see in the town of Jackson Hole. Lots of things happening that there is going to be something to do for every type of person. Theres many different bars, restaurants, shops & many various experiences you can try!

Saddle Rock Family Saloon

I highly recommend visiting this place! There is so much history here and they have live performances every night with musicals and the performers voices are so amazing!
They also have a restaurant which offers lots of vegan and plant based options so this has my tick of approval. Seriously though, check this place out ,make a night of it and enjoy some lively entertainment!

Visit the Jackson Hole Fair

Its free to visit and is open all summer season.
If you like fun, then you will enjoy this place
Located 5 minutes from Jackson Hole, enjoy the rides! and if you are a real thrill seeker, try out the Ferris Wheel ;)

Grand View Point - 3 hour hike roundtrip!

Willow Flats Overlook

For any hikes you do around this park or any national park please bring bear spray with you! It is very likely you will encounter some wild animal including bears.
As usual, we couldn't do this trail because there were bears, so if you can do it and the trail isn't closed, please enjoy it for me!

Thats it! Hope you enjoyed reading this edition and if you haven't checked out the youtube video and want to see the content we have captured then please feel free to check it out (located on top of this blog post)

Hope you will join us on our next adventure!
Ola xx


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