Montana  - One of the best drives you will ever do!

By Ola Endress

Montana has taken us by surprise. I never imagined this place to have such beautiful scenery, beautiful lakes, rivers and I don't think any state yet does mountains like Montana does!

There is literally so much to do and see here, you would need at least four days to discover everything Montana has to offer - especially the Glacier National Park!
Let me paint you a picture, there are some incredible hikes that if you are hiker you would punch yourself for never doing it! One of the most serene outlooks in every corner you come across. I have never seen anything so beautiful! (hiking wise)
One of the best hikes I could have ever done!(didn't get to do it because the trail was closed because of a bear :() would  have been here! I am so upset I couldn't do it. You walk 6 hours on the cliff which is carved out so that you get panoramic views with every step that you take!
PLEASE do this! if not for you for me lol, I am so upset I missed out on this hike (more on info on this below)
The town is so quirky! it takes you back to a time of cowboys and indians. So much culture, so many people wearing cowboy hats and sitting on the trunks of pick up trucks (the cops don't care if you do this which is so cool!)
Most of my content is going to be in National Parks so I recommend to get a National Parks pass which costs $80 for the entire year and lets you into all the National Parks in the United States in for free! (well $80 for the year, bargain!) You can buy this at the entry points going into any National Park.

So let me show you some of the things you can experience here!

The best of Glacier Park
(Going to the Sun Road)

There is a route you can take - US Highway 2 all the way to Browning and then go left on the 89 towards St Mary, however I would recommend just entering the park at West Glacier and going in from there (its called going to the Sun Road) and taking that the whole way seeing as its the best road in the world!

Logan Pass Waterfall

Babb - St Mary's - National Glacier Park

Siyeh Bend

If you are brave enough take a dip in this glacier river

Going to the Sun Road

This road is truly remarkable, every twist and turn has something to offer 

Red Rock Point

An awesome spot to cool off after a day of hiking/exploring

The Town - White Fish

One of the coolest towns we have been to, so many quirky bars and shops
If you aren't camping then we recommend staying in town - make sure you book in advance if its in summer especially if theres a country festival on as this town isn't the biggest so places book out fast.
I can imagine this place would also be so magical in winter!

Huckleberry Icecream
There is 2 of them pretty much next to each other located on hwy 2 in Hungry Horse one of them is really busy! and then theres this one that has no line at all :)

Town - Helena 

Helena was an old gold mining town with over 3.6 billion dollars in gold that was extracted in two decades.
When you walk through the city you can tell it was one of the wealthiest states in the 19th Century.

Today, as you walk through the town it has a very Mediteranian feel to it.


Apgar Trail

7.1 Miles - Moderate/Hard
This hike goes mostly uphill giving you panoramic views all the way up and then this view below.
Make sure you bring plenty of water!

Make sure you get some bear spray when doing any hikes especially in the Glacier Park.
Everywhere is going to charge you $50+ USD for bear spray except we found a really good place to buy it for much cheaper!
Go to the Super 1 supermarket in Columbia Falls and get it for $29!

Highline Trail

I never got round to doing this hike but PLEASE do this one! it goes for around 6 hours (11.8 miles) but like the drive, every step you take it will offer you breathtaking sites.
It starts up high but you are walking at a steady decline (bring bear spray!)


Images belong to Will Ryan and Trekkn as I wasn't able to do this hike
But just google the Highline Trail it looks incredible!

Thats it on Montana
Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!
If you have any comments you want to make feel free to comment below or if you have any feedback or suggestions you can contact me via the contact page

Enjoy exploring!
You can check out the video if you haven't seen it yet above or in the Youtube section of this blog showing you some highlights.

Ola xx

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