How to transition from meat to  a plant based diet easily!

By Ola Endress

Before you read the following, if you want to know the benefits of changing your diet to better your well being and the environment then please head to my blog post here for the benefits & reasons as to why you should try switching the way you consume

Here is everything you need to know to start your firsty day of this journey

1. No matter what happens along your journey, if you give in to something be it the first day, the first month, even 6 months down the road or hell even 2 years down the road - DONT BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF!!
You are doing an amazing job already! and there are no rules to what you should and should not be doing and just know it doesnt make you a bad person! you are doing your best to reduce the impacts on the environment and to better improve yourself so that in itself is an amazing accomplishment!

2. This is going to make your life SO much Easier! Here are a list of things that are ALREADY accidenty vegan! 




Haribo Sour S’ghetti Gummi Candy

Did You Know...


No do you dont need meat to get your protein fix! Here are some great options for protein!


Did you know we all need b12 for our brains to function properly? B12 comes directly from plants, meat eaters get their b12 from animals such as cows, who eat the plants that contain the b12 enezyme. Why get second hand b12 when you can get it directly from the source!

Health benefits

There are SO many health benefits when you cut out dairy & meat!
Did you know that eating plant based reduces your risk of getting heart diseases, certain cancers, obesity, cognitive incline and obesity!

Yes you can still eat what you love!

Going straight from a meat eater to plant based I crave the taste as this is what I was used to eating but trust me, some of the products out there taste the same but better because you are consciously choosing to the right thing for your body and environment! 

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