The best waterfalls are in Idaho!

By Ola Endress

I honestly didn't expect to get much out of Idaho and it ended up being one of the most impressive, mind blowing, memorable places to date!

I've lost count of how many waterfalls there are in Idaho and how you have these waterfalls completely to yourself, there is not a soul in site in some of these locations.

Yes, I love waterfalls, but who doesn't so if you for one, like waterfalls like me then there is no excuse not to visit.
If waterfalls aren't your thing (are you even human?) there is so much to experience in Idaho like golfing. There is a floating green that you can hit off and it is the only one of its kind in the world!
Golfing not your thing? then please, go for the food!,the shopping and most importantly the adventure!

Idaho offers the only bridge that you can legally base jump off in the world 
looks like fun but I couldn't do it =p

The Coeur D'ALene Resort Golf Course

Not going to lie, it is ridiculously pricey to play this course
so I suggest only playing this if you are obsessed with golf like James.
Its approx $130-175 usd to play and you are assigned a caddy as well.
They even have a girl offering massages on the golf course! 
The floating green was the highlight for us! to get to the floating green theres a cute little boat that shuttles you over to it.
If you end up playing, I hope you land your ball right on the green otherwise be prepared to dive, or drop a shot 

After you have finished your round of golf, you can take a relaxing dip right next door, enjoying the panoramic views in front of you while you sit in the infinity pool!

Coeur D'ALene


I haven't been to the Hamptons yet however I can just imagine that this place is very similar! Walk the streets with ease, everything is so pristine and clean in the town of Coeur D'ALene. Many things to see and do, you will not get bored here!Lots of shops to explore, many restaurants and breweries to wine and dine at. There is so much going on, so I hope you visit this place :)

Twin Falls

We were supposed to just drive through this area, we drove to a bridge and saw two golf courses and a waterfall which was enough for us to park up here for a few days.
One of my favorite spots is Twin Falls, like the name suggests there are waterfalls here and not just two, a few more!
This place is INCREDIBLE! have a look at our youtube video above to see how magnificent these falls are and some photos below.

You can Kayak to the biggest waterfall we have seen to date (you can hire them)
Base Jump off the bridge (if you dare)
Go under a waterfall or again, play some golf!  one of my favourite locations to play at!


Perrine Coulee Falls

This is such a pretty waterfall. You can park up and walk up to it, probably the easier waterfall walk we have done. You can go right underneathe it or you can look at it from a distance, either point you are at, you will get some amazing pictures at


Shoshone Falls

So I highly recommend doing what we did because not many people do it, infact not many tourists know about this place so if you want to discover something for yourself then visit Twin Falls in Idaho.
You can rent a canoe, luckily for us we travel with one. Once you rent it, you can paddle your heart out. We went all the way up to this gigantic waterfall, the hard part is carrying your canoe up steam past some rocks, but trust me it is 100% worth it! if you are not a strong swimmer, make sure you wear a life jacket!
Just writing about this place, makes me wish I was back there.
As you are paddling you will go underneath the main bridge which is an incredible experience because you see people base jumping off the bridge and it is super pretty when they open their shute. 
Would love to know your experiences with Twin Falls once you visit so shoot me message through here or instagram!

Blue Lakes Country Club

When you visit Twin Falls I highly suggest getting a round of golf in! with views like this why wouldn't you?

Snake River Lagoon

This place was an interesting place to come canoeing.
While it was fun & beautiful especially over completely see through water, it was pretty difficult to steer s the currents were pretty strong.
If you are up for the challenge, then go for it!

Fall Creek Falls outside Idaho

We arrived here and we had this whole entire waterfall to ourselves!
The amazing thing about this is that there are little swimming pools you can relax in!


Craters of the Moon

If you are a geology nerd or even if you aren't this place is impressive.
It is a large lava field with cylinder cones spread throughout the park.
You can explore underneath the surface and look up and see the sky above you through the crater holes.
You can climb onto cylinder cones and while you are climbing have a look at the lava rocks, they are so sparkly and pretty.
If you have time, I suggest camping here and sleep under the milky way!

I hope this edition of this blog has inspired you to add Idaho as a place to visit!
So much to explore so if you are up for the adventure, do it!

If you have time, would love for you to see our youtube video and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!


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