You Only Have ONE  life...So Make It Count!

By Ola Endress

Lets not sugar coat or bullshit here...because this is not what this blog is about so ..

I am going to say this to you as nicely as possible, here goes.

The life you (yes you) are living right now, is not a life. Too blunt?
Maybe you need to hear it, so stay with me here, don't close this down just read and let me explain.

Do you have a 9-5 job? Monday to Friday? - You are not living your life the way you are put on this planet to

Are you working a job, you absolutely dread going to every day? Refer to above - this isn't living

Are you working full time so you can retire at the age of 40 and save the time then to do the things you want? This is NEVER going to happen for you! (you might be lucky and it does but what a waste your life has been up to that point)

Are you living your life to have 2 days off a week? Refer to above.


How do I know this? 
Simple: I was you. I was asleep. I was brainwashed and part of a system that conditioned me to think and act like sheep. Is this what we were put on the planet to do? Work full time 275 days out of the year for anyone but ourselves (this includes your weekend and public holidays)?

How lucky you are that you have to ask your boss for permission to have 4 weeks off of the year to go do something you have been holding off to do or just simply doing things for yourself.


This is a life:

Working for yourself, answering to only the sound of your voice saying YES to all the things YOU want to do!

Working a job you ABSOLUTELY love even if it is a 9-5 or goes over time every day,  it does not feel like work because it is your PASSION and you know you were put on this earth to do whatever it is you are doing!

Working remotely giving you the freedom to work wherever you choose anywhere in the world, giving you the chance to save for all the things you want (yes this includes a mortgage) and yes this is possible (another article coming soon on how to work remote)


Now I know what you are saying, how do I do this? I can't do this now I have a mortgage to pay and need to support myself.

Just say you were going to die tomorrow, you don't know if you will wake up or not (nothing is promised to you). You could be healthy today and sick tomorrow. God forbid anything were to happen to you or your family this does happen on a daily basis to someone at some point, the question is now how but when?
Your time is coming just like everyone else's and I know this sounds morbid but its reality. We live and then we die, what did you do between this time? if you were to die tomorrow are you going to be so grateful for that million dollar house you live in? or all those expensive handbags you bought because you were so lucky to work a job that paid x amount of money to pay for all those things? are you going to be thinking about your expensive as car in your driveway on your death bed? are you? (are you really?). You have sacrificed all your precious TIME! for these things!!! is that living? ask yourself this question, its important.

Now I have nothing against your expensive house, handbags etc if you worked for these things on your own terms (I mean personally, I couldn't give a sh!t about any of that stuff, materialism is nothing really in terms of the whole picture of what I am trying to tell you and does not at all fulfil your soul)
You die, seriously you die so why does that stuff matter? does it matter? really? no it doesn't.

So here is what DOES matter.

The memories you make on your short term on earth. The things you do for other people and yourself is what really matters.

You deserve to live a life that you dream of and put into reality! you do, you deserve it, we owe it to ourselves to live that life, all of us deserve to live it. 

If you have been holding off to go on that holiday - just do it! nothing should be holding you back (no don't save it for your annual leave)
If you are worried about your job then save up as much as you can and just go, hell even move overseas and work a job somewhere and experience life! 

If you have wanted to start a business but have been holding off - again refer to above - just do it! you have nothing to lose and without risk you will never get that pay off, period.

Sacrifice that home, that car, that must have designer clothing item for something that lasts - in your mind and memories til the day you die! it is worth it I promise you! You might be laughing at me now but im telling you most of you reading this there will come a point in your life where you will suddenly realise most likely after a traumatic life event that you wish you had more time do something. You wish you didn't hold that thing off that you were holding off. All these wishes and wants you have been waiting to do, will be a little too late. TRUST ME THIS HAPPENS AND IT WILL HAPPEN! So please, live life now. If you don't the only thing I can say to you at this point is that you are missing out on a life so deserving, a life you were born to be living.

You only have one life, so make it count.

Why am I here preaching these things to you? I literally could be doing something else with my time but some of you are still boxed in waiting to be freed. Once you are freed of this caged mentality you will transform to a WHOLE new way of thinking and being. It is the BEST feeling!Let me tell you, if you are sitting at your desk at work right now, waking up at 6am each morning (Monday - Friday), eating lunch at the same time, at the same shop or even eating at your desk and then clocking out at 5pm to go home or even working overtime because you have to, then going home to the same old routine that you do day in day out then let me tell you right now you are NOT living a life you are supposed to be living! you haven't awoken yet. I can play out your whole life already, its the same shit, different day, every single year! You are not promised tomorrow? what gives you the right to think that you are special that you will get another day? I know this is really blunt but in order for me to get this message through to you, you need to see the picture. You might not live until your 50, 40 or even 30. Life is so unpredictable, you need to take every day as a blessing. Live your day without any regrets what so ever! and no its not too late at all, no matter what stage of life you are at. 

There is a small percentage of us folk who are in this group. It is a group where you don't play by the rules, you don't have to answer to or for anyone but yourself and you certainly don't have to ask for "permission" to have 4 weeks off of the whole ENTIRE year to go on that vacation you have been dying to go on. I mean can you call that a life?.. really? lets be honest here and do some simple maths (which I am not good at btw but here we go)

4 weeks off a year thats 28 days a year...28 DAYS OUT OF 365 DAYS you get to have a year!
ok so i know you are saying weekends don't count so lets minus out the 2 days you get on a weekend so you have 104 days off that are weekends.
365 - 104  (weekends)+ 28 days (leave)= 289 - THERE ARE STILL 289 days of your life that you are not living! ok and lets add 14 for holidays and all that jazz 289- 14 = 275

Are you with me?
You are working 9-5, monday to Friday giving your SOUL and precious time for someone/company 275 DAYS OUT OF THE YEAR! 

Is that good enough? is that good enough for you? ask yourself that question. 
Life is a precious thing. Some of you may not even realise because lucky for you, death hasn't come knocking at your door yet but in time unfortunately someone around you or god forbid even you will come face to face with death staring right at you.

Are you going to think, wow I had a great life working for so and so, I gave him all my time and all I got was a salary to pay for that mortgage, house, car, bags, shoes - my most precious valuables. NO!

They are all things, they DO NOT MATTER. Do you want to know what matters? 

now some of you right now might be so offended and angry at what I am saying but the ONLY reason you would be angry with me right now is because this is nothing but the COMPLETE truth!

So lets talk about the excuses you may have now:
I need to pay my mortgage off
I want to build a life so I can retire by the time I am 40
I am wanting to buy a really nice car

Whats so great about your life? what stories do you have? how you went to school half your life , got a degree for some years after 

Did You Know...


No do you dont need meat to get your protein fix! Here are some great options for protein!


Did you know we all need b12 for our brains to function properly? B12 comes directly from plants, meat eaters get their b12 from animals such as cows, who eat the plants that contain the b12 enezyme. Why get second hand b12 when you can get it directly from the source!

Health benefits

There are SO many health benefits when you cut out dairy & meat!
Did you know that eating plant based reduces your risk of getting heart diseases, certain cancers, obesity, cognitive incline and obesity!

Yes you can still eat what you love!

Going straight from a meat eater to plant based I crave the taste as this is what I was used to eating but trust me, some of the products out there taste the same but better because you are consciously choosing to the right thing for your body and environment! 

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