8 Top Lookout Points in Sydney

By Ola Endress

I have been to many, many lookout points in Sydney but here are my top 8 I highly recommend seeing if you haven’t already.

Perfect for picnics,impressing someone, reflecting or just to experience something new.

1. Wattamolla Lagoon, Royal National Park, South Sydney

I adore this place. It feels like you are in a tropical lagoon surrounded by beautiful water. To the left of this palm tree is a full running watefall that you can jump off. Its so hard to believe that this place even exists in Sydney. If you look at this palm tree there is also a swing that you can glide with into the water.

2. Clovelly Cliffs, Clovelly, Eastern Suburbs

This place has stunning views! I was taken here for a romantic picnic date last year and lets just say that this was probably one of the reasons I went out with him. Great place to take someone, enjoy stunning views of the Eastern Suburbs without the tourists snapping photos and clogging your space! – just be careful as this place is right on top of a cliff.

3. Collins Flat, Manly, Northern Beaches

This is also one of my favourite spots. It’s away from the crowds and you feel like you have your own little slice of paradise. Enjoy swimming in clear shallow water. There is a rock you can jump off into the water and there is also a waterfall besides the beach.  Go snorkeling or just take some time out to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Great spot for spending the day and having a picnic.

4. Hanging bridge, Parsley Bay, Vaucluse

I never knew this existed until I was taken here on a date (same guy, he’s got me good). Perfect little spot to go for a nice swim, sit and relax on the beach, go for a wander on the bridge or just around the rocks. I recommend going here at sunset, its quiet and serene.

 5. Collaroy Plateau Lookout point, The Esplanade, Northern Beaches

I live just around the corner from this little beauty and it is my all time favorite spot! You get stunning views of the Plateau and it’s surroundings of the rest of the Northern Beaches below your feet. Have a stroll around this esplanade and you can also check out the magnificent views of Narrabeen lakes, again really beautiful during sunrise and sunset.

6. Harbour Bridge Lookout, Blues Point, North Sydney

If you want the money shot, this is where you will get it. If you want to wow someone, this is definitely the place to do it. Jaw dropping views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Watch the city light up around you under a clear sky full of stars.

7. Roseville Bridge – Roseville – North Shore

Great location, under a bridge, on a quiet calm lake, surrounded by grass and bush. Great spot for BBQS, picnics, fishing and whatever else you want to do. Nice and peaceful with plenty of space!

8. North Head lookout, Manly Northern Beaches

Away from the crowds and a beautiful silhouette view of Sydney’s city. I love coming here when the sun is about to set. The sea mirrors the sky and its gorgeous. Great picnic spot and just around the corner from Collins Flat.

So what are you waiting for? go out and explore the great views Sydney has to offer.

Until next time, Olaxx

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