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By Ola Endress

Want to getaway but don’t have much time or money? go to Queensland!

What I did – Jetstar have special deals every Friday, so I waited and found a deal.

Cost – less than $100 return to fly to Coolangatta QLD!

Car Hire – For what we did, you will need a car! if you are adventurous, trust me you are going to want to do some of these things!  I recommend booking through like we did, they have good cars for cheap!
Cost – Less than $300 for 3 days, including insurance with $0 excess! #winning

Where – hire from Coolangata Airport

Currumbin beach – 10 minutes drive from Coolangatta Airport

What to expect – Byron Bay vibes, nice and quiet. Go for a walk along the beach or dine in any of the cafes or restaurants overlooking the ocean.

Surfers Paradise beach – 30 minutes drive from Coolangatta Airport – 1 minute walk from Q1 resort
What to expect – If you go at sunset, expect to feel like you have the whole beach to yourself while you overlook the sun setting behind the ocean right in front of your eyes.

If you go during the day, there are people around but again it is not that busy compared to some of Sydney’s popular beaches.
Prepare to relax, get a tan and enjoy the warm heat and refreshing water.


Mount Tambourine –  55 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise.

Drive to the top of this beautiful mountain and take in the breath taking views! This place can get really windy so I recommend bringing a jumper and something that you can sit on. Try come here for sunset and watch the city below turn orange. Bring some lunch or dinner and have a picnic on top of this mountain!

If you come here, I recommend doing the activities mentioned below as they are all near each other.

Where to go for food
There are honestly so many places you can go for food here but the ones that we tried.

Longboards – located in the Q1 resort – cheap and tasty!

This place does unbelievable burgers! not your average burger, you wont regret coming here and they have so many different types of burgers to choose from!
If you are staying at the Q1 then you can take your burger and have it on a sunbed next to the pool and enjoy eating it there! otherwise you can dine in at Longboards, it has a surfy island vibe to it.


Chiangmai Thai – Broadbeach – 5 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise

This place lights up like Christmas in the evening so I recommend coming here for dinner.
They have won many awards over the years for being the best Thai restaurant and after being here I can understand why.
If you are really hungry I advise getting the banquet set menu for 2 people. You get so much food, worth every dollar and we couldn’t even finish the courses. Here’s what you can expect..

Costadoro – Orchid Avenue – Surfers Paradise

There are many Italian restaurants in surfers but I love Costadoro. They have a large variety of drinks and food at a reasonable cost! Try out their pasta’s and pizza’s, they taste delicious! and while you are there make sure you get yourself a few cocktails!



Where to stay


Q1 Resort and Spa – Surfers paradise

Without a doubt, if you haven’t already, stay at the Q1 next time you visit Surfers paradise.
Not only is it the tallest building on the Gold Coast, you pay less than you would a normal hotel and the rooms are insane!

We stayed for 3 days and paid less than $300.
We got a massive living area, beautiful kitchen, rooms that overlook the ocean right in front of you, massive bathrooms and a sun room where you can take in the sun, chill out and have a meal.

Make the most of the sun room, Woolworths is only down the road so it is easy for you to bring the groceries back and cook up something delicious like we did.

In the hotel, there are 2 outdoor pools, an indoor pool, a gym, spa and BBQ area.












Where to go for adventure

This is where the fun begins! Had the best time discovering these beautiful hidden gems tucked away on the Gold Coast.

Currumbin Valley Rockpool – 40 minutes from Surfers Paradise – easily accessible from the car park.

This place is enchanting, don’t be afraid to jump into the beautiful emerald pool.
If you wear floral make sure you watch out for the bee’s, I had a few of them think I’m a flower.. not pleasant!

Bring your swimmers and maybe pack a lunch and have a picnic.


Springbrook Glow Worm Cave – 40 minutes from Surfers Paradise – 20 minute walk from car park.

This place is absolutely magical and enchanting! One of the places that are truly one of a kind and its amazing how these caves exist.
We were so lucky to experience this all to ourselves. This is a glow worm cave and at night you will see them.
I never got round to going at night because its full of tour groups and I cant deal with being around them.
If you want to see something beautiful then this is the place.

It is tempting to jump into the water and swim under the waterfall but I strongly suggest that you don’t. We didn’t as we respect the environment (well I do, not sure about James), the ecosystems that live here are very precious and you really don’t want to destroy it by swimming in it.


Curtis Falls – 50 Minutes from Surfers or approx 5 minute drive from Mount Tamborine.

To get here it is about a 20-25 minute walk to the waterfall, but even the walk is stunning as you walk into another world through the Mount Tamborine rainforest. There is nothing surrounding you but long tall trees and when you look up the sky is full of leaves hanging from the tree branches.

When you reach the end you will see another beautiful waterfall which then blends into the rock pool.

There is a huge tree log you can sit on and just sit there and watch time completely stop while you stare at this beauty.


Cedar Creek Falls – 1Hr drive from Surfers Paradise

I love this place! there is a bit of a steep walk up and down to get to it but once you are here you will want to spend the whole day here!

You feel like you are in the middle of nowhere away from everyone and in a different world.

I strongly suggest if you do come here, to spend the whole day here. Bring some food, chill out and go swimming in the rock pools or slide down the waterfall.

If you are going to visit some of these waterfalls, I recommend doing this on the beginning of your trip so that you can make lots of time to go exploring. There is so much to see and the drives are long but really nice and the last thing your going to want to feel is rushed.

We did this an hour before we had to get to the airport and we rocked up to our flight cover in mud, so unless your confident in not caring what people think of you, just trust me and take a day to do this.

Also it is pretty clear that James has no issues on his confidence or caring what people think of him… especially in this little number..


Where to go for fun

I couldn’t finish off this part of the blog without adding in the fun touristy things to do while you are in Surfers.


Dreamworld – Expensive (who affords this stuff!)

It is pretty expensive, we paid $99 just to go in (we think anything over $50 is expensive) so the best thing to do would be to buy a package so you can get most out of it. You can get 3 passes to different theme parks for cheaper.

Once you are inside you will have so much fun! Go on all the rides and try out the laser skirmish as well.. I played against all these little kids and for some reason I came dead last out of all of them..not impressed, I don’t think my gun was working. As usual James came first, not that he needed his ego to get any bigger.

Draculas – you can find this right in the heart of Surfers Paradise – Reasonable price

Don’t underestimate this place! I did and I wish I knew better. This place will have you wanting to pee yourself, your heart will race, you will be scared and you will definitely scream! and just so you all know James screamed like a little girl ….

King Tutts Putt Putt – 5 minute drive from Surfers – Cheap Cheap Price

If you love UV lights and bright paint like me then you are going to love playing here! This is mini golf but this is definitely one of the most challenging courses of mini golf I have played on! not so much for James…he came first…again..not surprising for a PGA pro #dickhead.

There are 4 different obstacles, definitely do the one with the glow and the dark tunnels and the outside one as its the most difficult one there is.



Infinity – Right in Surfers – Reasonable and worth it!

Again, if you like things that glow in the dark and UV lights you will froth on this place. It is so much fun! It is quite scary at times and you have things being thrown at you..unless you go with someone who is nice and isn’t James but it is all part of the fun!

They give you white gloves to wear as this is what will guide you through the dark maze. They tell you not to bring your phone in, but I never listen or will ever listen to that rule so if you want it, just sneak it down your top.  Or if you are a guy, you probably could do with the “extra” package anyway.


Last but not least! if you love shopping then go to..

Southport Factory Outlet – 20 minute drive from Surfers.


I bought all the below items for less than $160, bargain!

They have over 100 different brands at seriously the most ridiculous cheap cheap prices! I recommend checking this place out before you shop anywhere else =)

If any of you blokes are envious of James sexy swimwear as seen above, you are able to also purchase the very same at this outlet at the Speedo shop =) .. WARNING the colors are all just as hideous as his… Sorry James.


I know most of you have probably gone to Queensland so many times but if you are looking to do something different to what you usually do, then I hope I have inspired you in some way to check some of these places out.

There is still so much to discover here as there is so much to offer so definitely go out and do some exploring.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! and my next blog post will interest people who love waterfalls, adventure and who be traveling to Bali.

Until next time..

Ola =)

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