How Social Media can jeopardize Your True Happiness

By Ola Endress

"We are competing with nothing but an illusion"

It seems as though we are competing on daily basis with an idea or even a person in one form or another. Since the rise of social media we are constantly having "success" thrown in our faces through scrolling endlessly on facebook, instagram etc. 
Everyone seems to be successful and most importantly everyone seems to be happy, that it now looks like life is just one big competition, competing with who can be the "happiest" person, even if it means faking it to an extent. Some of us are left thinking: what about me?

Everyone's lives are so "perfect".  A few people I know just bought a one million dollar home , another person I know just bought a brand new Mercedes Benz and this woman seems to have the most perfect family, I must be failure because I have none of those things.

On social media we put our best face forward 99% of the time and when we are spending most of our time scrolling though over 100 people's perfect lives all at once,  we are often left feeling like a complete loser in this rat infested race - LIFE!


Life is not about the things you own, you come into this earth naked with nothing but your spirit and soul, when you die you will not be leaving with the things you have bought into heaven or hell pending on how much of an asshole you have been (no offence) 

But seriously! How can you ever be happy if you don't appreciate the things you have now? what makes you think that if/when you acquire these "things" that will make you "complete" that when you attain them, you will suddenly and miraculously be happy? you wont, it will never happen.

What you see, most of the time is just an illusion. As soon as the inital excitement of our new purchase wears off, you will be straight back to seeking something else (something bigger and better, something more expensive). A million dollar home is the same as a roof over your head, its somewhere where you sleep, eat in the same type of rooms you have and most of the time you are outside anyway,,,right? (if not, go outside and live!) These things do not measure how successful or happy you are at life.

An expensive car is the same as any car, it gets you from A to B so why should it matter what type of features it has, if it has a convertible roof top you will still experience the same wind by putting your windows down. This again does not measure how successful or happy you are/will be at life. You have to remember, your car is going to be a model behind next season and then what? are you going to go out and buy the latest model? there is always something that is going to be new and better, this is exhausting, just be happy with what you have whatever it may be.

The only competition you should be having is not with others, it is with yourself. You should be bettering yourself as a person every day, not by spending your money on things, this doesn't make you a better person. Just because someone may have more things or money than you does not make them any better of a person than anyone including you.
When was the last time you truly just were happy with everything you have achieved so far up until this point? that cant be attained by having x amount of money in the bank?

We are so caught up on social media we are forgetting the complete purpose of why we are here in the first place - to live our lives to the full without materialistic objects being the main liquid in our cups.
For example if you think money, houses, objects make you happy these things are temporary happiness on the outside which leads to never being satisfied on the inside because you are always going to want the next best thing - a bottomless pit where you will be digging to find so many new shiny objects but never finding true happiness & losing yourself in the process.  Reminder: these "things" don't fill you. True happiness comes from within and no amount of money can buy you this experience.

The definition of success in my eyes is someone who is truly happy with where they are at right now no matter what stage they are at, being grateful for their life, for the moments that are in them. Living a life they dreamed of with no regrets on their death beds. Living in the present, not thinking about the past or stressing about the future. 

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE THINKING OF YOUR MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE OR EXPENSIVE THINGS WHEN YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS LEFT IN YOUR LIFE. You will be thinking of all the special moments you had with the people you love. They are the most special and important memories that fill you from within.

Here if you need some more proof, here are the top 2 regrets of the dying - 

1. The most common regret of all :
 I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish that I had let myself be happier

We are always waiting on the end result for things to get that payoff but have you ever enjoyed the process of getting to that place? enjoy every moment and all the challenges that come your way, then you can truly appreciate the taste of whats to come. 

Are you satisfied with who you are? if you are thinking of the next best thing to attain, the next best gadget, the next best home, car, the competition with someone else then you my friend are not satisfied at all and its time to make some changes so that YOU can truly understand what it feels and means to be HAPPY!

Here are 5 tips of how you can achieve this:

1. Every time you are caught thinking about someone else's success in a negative way (wishing you had what they have, jealousy or even feeling like a failure) - take a step back and practice being happy for that person and be grateful for YOUR life, who you are as a person and all the things you have achieved so far (all of us have achieved some amazing things no matter how small it may seem to you - CELEBRATE IT!) - keep practicing this and 
it will become second nature to you. 

2. Always remember not to compare yourself with others, you are not them, you are you and there is only ONE of you on this planet so embrace it! don't get caught up in the social media "perfect" life because no one is perfect and no one is constantly happy, we are all human.

3. There are not set timelines to what you have to do or should do, you are on your own time! so again don't compare yourself to someone else that may be doing something else because it doesn't matter! things happen to you at the right time for you, the universe has your back wether you believe in this or not, trust the timing of your life!

4. You must practice living in the now, every time you are caught thinking about wishing you had something else or thinking about past or future, snap out of it and think of 5 things you are grateful for in the now so that you focus on nothing else but the present time.

5. Always continue to chase your dreams and don't worry about what other people may think. There will be people who will put you down and thats normal. Hell, I cant even give you a number of people who put me down and I am still going! focus on yourself and your happiness.

Ola Endress


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